South Sudan


A.C. Ries was founded in 1946 in Djibouti and is responsible for the sales and service of a wide range of automotive and construction equipment. A.C. Ries is entrusted with the premium brands of Nissan, Ford, Hyundai Construction Equipment, TATA, Amman Group and Dressta. We firmly believe in delivering the best possible service at the best price, working together with our stakeholders and customers to maximise the value of each of their investments in our products and services.


Djibouti is emerging as East Africa’s business trading hub, using its strategic location to link with other countries. East Africa Trading is established within the Djibouti Free Zone Authority and acts as the storage and logistics hub for our operations and plays the particularly key role of receiving from the Djibouti Ports all goods which are bound for dispatch to land-locked Ethiopia.

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